Gear up for ACCA in UAE

Gear up for ACCA in UAE

ACCA is in UAE Air!

Every year August brings with it the college fever. Students are all set to start a fresh college year with their degree programs early September. But most universities require you to apply for registrations months ago. For those who are not able to make the decision until the last moment, the doors of ACCA are always open. ACCA is the most in demand Chartered Accountancy qualification in UAE. Dubai, ABu Dhabi & Sharjah account for most number of ACCA student in UAE.

Given ACCA’s unique nature, students make sure they research well on this professional qualification with over which has 147,000 members and 424,000 students worldwide.

Why Accountancy?

The first question that pops up in a student’s mind considering ACCA is concerning the nature of accountancy. Upon researching, students discover the many pros of the field of accountancy. They find that accountancy is one of those professions that are evergreen and have universal recognition. Moreover, the career path for an accountant is challenging, exciting and rewarding. Accountants have the freedom to switch among employers in different industries, locations and job roles.


When it comes specifically to studying ACCA, the barriers to entry are low so everyone has the opportunity to join. The only three requirements that ACCA does ask from a student are support, hard work and commitment. The process begins with choosing the right institution for ACCA training. Secondly, once the classes begin students have to ensure that the hard work they put in their studies match the efforts of the trainer. Thirdly, making sure that consistency in study planning and hard work is taken care of. There are thousands of students who manage to succeed up to a certain number of ACCA courses and later are unable to complete the entire program.

Which Institution?

Students who are ready to go for the ACCA qualification have different factors in mind based on which they select their institution. Some of the reasons why students prefer Lynchpin Training over other centers include its Gold status awarded by the ACCA Global, expertise of its trainers, the result history, flexibility in services and availability of study centers at three different strategic locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and on the border of Sharjah/Dubai.

What They Want to Share with You?

Perhaps, our best representatives are our students. Here is what some of our students have to say about their experiences.

ACCA Students in Dubai

Before you become a full-time or part-time ACCA student, make sure you make a well-informed decision. Make sure you know all about the institution you are joining. Note the accreditation of the instructors at the institute, check out the different locations they have their branches at, probe into their free structure, ask them what makes them different from others and request meetings with program advisors and instructors before you sign up for classes.

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