CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst Program

CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst Program

Facts about CFA

Are you exploring the world of financial education? Interested in a professional qualification? If yes, let’s go through a few FAQs about Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program. By far CFA is the most-in-demand Finance qualification if youa re working in in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Which body offers the CFA Charter?

The CFA Charter is offered by CFA Institute. CFA Institute was formed in 1947 when four financial analyst societies – Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Boston – came together and formed collaboration among themselves to create more opportunities for financial analysts!

When was it launched?

The CFA qualification was officially launched in 1962, and in 1963 over 280 candidates took the test and 268 were pronounced Chartered Financial Analysts.

How many CFAs have graduated to date?

Since CFA Institute’s inception, more than 120,000 professionals have been awarded with the CFA Charter.

Which countries do CFAs work in?

The institute has over 116,000 members in 140 different territories and countries around the globe. It also has 137 member societies in 60 countries.

How many people take the test each year?

Every year almost over 160,000 candidates take the CFA examination. There are over 200 official test centers for CFA exams around the globe.

Like other professional bodies, does the CFA Institute have collaboration with universities?

Yes, the CFA Institute has a very wide collaboration with educational bodies. It has done so to give more and more people the opportunity to capitalize on CFA’s ingenious curriculum. Today, over 140 universities have formally incorporated CFA as part of their curriculum. This gives hundreds of thousands of students a chance to enter a very promising and progressive career path.


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