A Career in Accountancy with ACCA

A Career in Accountancy with ACCA

Rewarding Career in Accountancy with ACCA

Are you a parent of an school teenager who is about to finish high school or has recently completed his graduation and now about to enter his practical life, then you must be looking for a secure and rewarding future for your child. Most of us as parents think similar when it comes to our children’s future. We want to see them successful and have a secured job. We want them to flourish in their career to the apex level. They should earn a high salary or be able to start their own venture successfully.

All the above items on our wish-list can come true with an accountancy career! And yes it is a fact that accountancy is one of the few global professions which carry a global job market. All industries whether it is manufacturing, hospitality, trading or services, have one thing in common and that is an Accounting/Finance department. No business can survive without the support of an skillful and qualified accounting expert.

When it comes to choose an Accountancy career, nothing beats the choice of ACCA as an investment in your child’s future. The ACCA qualification syllabus is broad enough to offer them flexible career options.

Which Level Should Your Child Start ACCA?

With ACCA’s flexible entry routes, no matter whatever your child’s education is, he/she can start ACCA at any age from as early as completing the high school.

ACCA entry routes

Foundation Level

If any one does not have the minimum entry requirements to start at the ACCA qualification, which means no formal education, he/she can start studying ACCA at the Foundation Level. Foundation in Accountancy includes certificate and a diploma that can be achieved along the way.

The ACCA Qualification

In case if your son/daughter meet the minimum education requirement i.e. equivalent to three GCSEs and two A-levels in five separate subjects including maths and English, they can start their ACCA journey right away. The ACCA qualification contains 14 papers and it will take approximately 2 years to complete to pass all the exams. If anyone starts ACCA after completing graduation, he/she can get exemption from certain papers. This means even faster completion of ACCA.  A key part of gaining ACCA membership is getting three years’ relevant practical experiencience in the workplace. However all exams can be completed even before starting the practical experience.  A professional ethics module  (online) is also required to equip the future professional with a range of ethical ideas so that they will act professionally in the workplace.

Preparing for ACCA Exams

While there is no mandatory requirement for coaching classes for ACCA, however it is preferred by many students to join a professional training provider to obtain exam focused coaching classes. This minimizes the failure chances and ensures that the student is preparing for the exams with a structured approach.

Get BSc. degree from Oxford Brookes along with ACCA

If anyone is not a graduate, the ACCA qualification gives your child the opportunity to achieve a BSc degree from a UK university. All they have to complete is a report as well as their ACCA exams – it’s as simple as that. So they will be awarded a degree by Oxford Brookes University without doubling their workload.

With ACCA’s flexible study options and rewarding career prospects, it is a career of choice by many young professionals. You can start ACCA at any point in time as the initial few papers are computer based and can be given any time. Lynchpin Training is also one of the authorized ACCA Computer Based Examination centre in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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