3 Requirements for ACCA

3 Requirements for ACCA

The Only 3 Requirements for ACCA

Did you know that the much acclaimed, professional qualification, ACCA, doesn’t require you to have any prior qualifications? Yes, no requirements whatsoever.

You may be a school drop-out, a high school graduate or a trained nurse – none of it matters to the folks at ACCA. The only touchstone they use to test you is the collection of 14 examinations.

However, this by no means infers that qualifying the ACCA examination is a piece of cake. On the contrary, the entire program is very challenging. Fortunately, there are three tools that experts at the ACCA say are very helpful for those aspiring Chartered Certified Accountant should be equipped with.

1. Support

A successful ACCA journey cannot be completed without support – academic as well as professional.

Once you decide to pursue the qualification, the first thing you ought to do is go and register yourself at ACCAGlobal.com as a potential exam-taker. Registering will subscribe you to useful information such as examination dates, tips for exam preparation, etc.

Secondly, the website will also help you identify ALPs (Approved Learning Partners) in your regions. ALPs are training centers whose teaching methods, course materials and infrastructural standards have been approved by ACCA itself. For example, click here to visit the website of an ACCA ALP in Dubai.

2. Hard work

Once you do partner up with an exam preparation center, prepare yourself for some tough work. Hang on! Tough work doesn’t mean studying for 6 hours straight every day – it means that you study smart! Yes, you make a realistic study schedule and stick to it (sticking is the hardest part), focus only and only on work during your study hour(s)

3. Commitment

Sticking to one’s schedule for a week is tough – sticking to one’s schedule for months is way tougher. Preparing for ACCA is not just going to be a test of your intellect. It is also going to be a test of your patience and perseverance – after all, these are qualities that accountants are supposed to have in order to survive in the tough corporate environment!



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